Chemical and Biomedical

Extreme accuracy whilst robust against chemical fluids – product safety with tempmate.® data loggers

Food, Beverages, Dairy Products

Food safe data loggers with quick reaction time to changes in the environment – protect your minimum durability with tempmate.®

HACCP Controlling

Accuracy up to -30°C thus making sure your foods stay well – preventive cold chain monitoring with tempmate.®


Cloud based live tracking of your deliveries with 90 days runtime of the data logger & tracker – prevent piracy of your products with tempmate.®


Robust, durable, shock and water resistant data loggers ensuring industrial safety and preventing product piracy with tempmate.®

Life Science

GDP conform data loggers with food safe packaging to be used in sanitary environments by tempmate.®

Logistics, Transportation, Storage

Robust data loggers with simple integration in your ERP environment and robust casings by tempmate.®

Medical and Healthcare

GDP conform data loggers with high resolution sensors ensuring ultra high accuracy also in clean room environments by tempmate.®

Pharmaceutical Cold Chain

Customizable data loggers with individual thresholds and alarm settings to ensure maximum product safety in production, storage and transport by tempmate.®