Demo Account

Welcome to our Demo Account Help-Section!

With this area we want to give you a short preview what is possible with the cloud solution.
Please note, that you can go trough the whole functions without writing any support request, enter new devices, etc.

Let´s start with our tour!

Cloud Dashboard

Your Dashboard will Pop-Up directly after you are logged in.
It shows you every single device, wherever it´s activated, stopped or it has an active alarm.

By clicking on the View-Button, shown in the picture below,  you will get access to the Evaluation-Section of your device. Here you have three different options of Views (Chart, Map, Table)  to monitor your device.

Analyze your Device and Data

In the Device-Overview you are able to see all the information regarding to your device Set-Up, Configuration, Trip-Information, Logging-Summary, Alarms and Custom-Fields.

With the Map-View you can easily follow up your shipment at any given time.

With the function Chart-View you can control and select, which factors you want to monitor. You can decide between Temperature (°C), Humidity (%), Ambient Light (lx), Acceleration (m/s²) and Transmisson Interval.

Help Section

The Help-Section is our Cloud-Wikipedia and gives you the right answer to any given subject.
It doesn´t matter in which part of the cloud you are in, when you have a question to this particular section, just click on the
in the top-right corner and the Help-Section to this category will Pop-Up automatically

Support Desk

One of our core features is the Support-Ticket-System.
It gives you the opportunity to get directly in contact with our technical support for any issue or problem you may have.

When you are on the Dashboard-Site, just click on the

lifebelt in the top-right corner and you get instant help!