Public PDF-Upload

With the public PDF-Upload feature, you can upload the recorded data from tempmate offline devices to our tempmate-Cloud.

The PDF is stored and available as an original PDF file in the tempmate-Cloud. Besides this, the recorded data is visualized in the tempmate-Cloud and can be managed together with all other devices in a single platform.

You can provide the following link to your external partners.

The link will forward your external partner to the following page, similar to what you know from the regular PDF-Upload.

You can upload the PDF file with the file explorer of your browser. Just connect the device to the PC and then click on the Choose File button to navigate to the PDF on the device’s memory. You can also select a file that was already stored on your PC. With the click on the Submit button, your PDF will be processed available shortly in the Overview.

You have three options to link the uploaded Files to your account.

Manual Option (paid service):

After the file is uploaded from your external partner you contact our support team and the file will be assigned to your account.

Automated option (paid service):

Bought devices will be pre-assigned to your account and linked to the uploaded files automatically.

Automated option (free service):

Once you have created an API Token for your account this API Token can be send together with the link for the public PDF Upload to your external partners.

When they have added the file(s) and all needed information they can add the API Token and submit the files. Through the API Token the file(s) will be connected automatically to your account.

To create the API Token you need to select the Company Settings in the Administration section at the left navigation bar,.

By clicking on the Company Settings button you will enter the company settings area, from here you have to select the API Token tab.

When creating the token, you generate the token itself while pressing the Generate API Token button.

You can then define a validation time range after this time, the token is not longer valid and can’t be used any longer. It’s possible to choose the no expiration option here too.

After the expiry date is reached for the token, it’s not longer possible to use it.

After pressing the Save button, the token will appear in the API Tokens table. Here you can check different information like the expiry date etc.

  • With the Archive button you can manually archive and deactivate the token
  • With the Copy to Clipboard button you can copy the API token to send it to your external partners

When the PDF is uploaded, it is available at the Device Overview.

Here you have the possibility to click on the Edit button to modify the Basic Data (like name and description), the Alarm (recalculation of the alarm settings), or assign Responsible Users and Custom Fields.

For further information, you can get in contact with our tempmate Sales Team ( or contact our tempmate Helpdesk for technical support (