tempmate takes the next step

After being on the market for more than 35 years, we have decided to take the next step into our future. As a company with a constant urge for growth and development, we have already recognized in recent years that our brand name tempmate.® has been steadily gaining recognition since its establishment in the market. Over the years we have worked hard on this awareness, so that today we can proudly claim that tempmate.® has become our trademark.

In 2019 the decision was made to focus our public appearance entirely on our brand name, and now we are taking the last step and are pleased to inform you that since August 2020 we can finally introduce ourselves as tempmate GmbH.

If you are now wondering which changes this renaming will entail for you as our valued partner, the answer is simple – none. All general terms and conditions, as well as sales and delivery conditions remain unchanged for you. Furthermore, the address known to you also remains unaffected, only the company name changes. Except that, our team and products you are familiar with will also remain for you in the usual high-level quality service.

We, from tempmate GmbH Team, are looking forward to a further strong and successful cooperation with you. No matter under which name, we continue to be your trustworthy business partner when it comes to the topics of Cold Chain and Supply Chain Monitoring.